Assistant Manager Sourcing, TM ONE

Application deadline closed.

To support Partnership Sourcing team in validating the LOA content, issuance to vendor/partner upon getting CF from LSIP including ensuring completeness of required documentation from vendor.

Area of Responsibilities

1.  To assist in contract drafting & issuance to partner process including, but not limited to; (1)Validating with internal stakeholders on key information in LOA i.e. SOW, delivery time, BOM, price schedule, etc. (2)Liaising and follow up with internal stakeholders i.e. BCM & LSIP for contract review up to issuance of Confirmation Form (CF). (3)Get sign off from authorized signatory. (4)Submission of LOA/contract to partner/vendor for acceptance. (5)Escalation to the respective process owner for any issues raised by vendor/partner for closure. (6)To follow with partner up on contract acceptance/signing status. (7)Liaising with partner to follow up on required supporting contract documents e.g. Bank Guarantee, Insurance, OSHE Plan (8)Liaising with other stakeholder for PO issuance ie TOM, BCM, Procurement TM ONE, etc.

2.  To perform contract document management including, but not limited to; Printing & photocopy 3 copies of signed LOA/contract per vendor per customer project, Safekeeping & filing, Database update for future reference.

Job Requirements
1.   Minimum 1 year experience in supplier relationship management, project and contract management.

Qualification Requirements
1.   Education in Bachelor Degree (Business Administration, Procurement, Legal or equivalent)


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