Analytics Manager

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1.       Role

In order to be successful in this role, you will need to have solid experience working in the Manufacturing industry.
Manage the overall analytics platform in the organization.
Develop the analytics roadmap (e.g., application stacks, capabilities, data model) according to the company vision and business strategy
Manage the analytics team member to deliver analytics insights to the management team.

2.       Responsibilities

Develop effective business intelligence strategies and analytics solutions.
Oversee analytics projects to extract, manage, and analyze customer data from multiple applications, ensuring that deadlines are met.
Apply statistics and data modeling to gain actionable business insights and boost customer productivity and revenue.
Enforce company policies and procedures to ensure quality and prevent discrepancies.
Communicate and track key performance metrics across departments.
Identify business opportunities and ensure customer satisfaction.
Manage cross-functional teams, review their performance, and manage schedules.
Generate reports of findings and present these to senior management.
Keep abreast of industry best practices and policies.


BSc/BA in Computer Science, Statistics, Analytics, Data Management or a related fields.
Willing to travel.

We are also looking for the following skillset:

Proven experience as an Analytics Manager or Data Scientist.
Develop the analytics roadmap and plan the deliverables accordingly.
Manage and assign works according to priority.
Solid experience in data analysis and reporting; industry experience is a plus.
Background in market research and project management.
High-level written and verbal communication skills.
Analytical skills and strong organizational abilities.
Attention to detail.
Problem-solving aptitude.
Experience in Analytics Solution. Preferable Microsoft Technology Stacks, MySQL Database, R/Python Programming, Tableau, Cognos, and D3.js.
Data Management Skill. E.g. Metadata Design.
Data ETL Skill and Backend system integration.
Statistical Toolsets. E.g., MATLAB, Gorubi, RapidMiner.